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Загадки на английском

I live on a farm.
I am pink.
I have a little tail.
My nose is called a snout.
And I say «Oink, oink».
I am ….

(Answer: PIG)

I have 4 legs and a tail.
I am very smart.
I like to play with you.
When I see a cat,
I say «Woof, woof»
I am ….

(Answer: DOG)

I have 4 legs and a long tail.
I like to run fast.
I let you ride
on my back.
I eat hay.
And say «Neigh, neigh».
I am ….

(Answer: HORSE)

I am a pet.
I am soft and furry.
I like to sleep and drink milk.
I don’t like mice and dogs.
I say «Meow, meow».
I am ….

(Answer: CAT)

I am a big
farm animal.
I can be black, white
or brown.
I like to eat green grass.
I give milk.
I can say «Moo, moo».
I am ….

(Answer: COW)

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